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Punta Escambrón: A world of possibilities…underwater.

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For many, the beautiful beach of El Escambrón in Puerta de Tierrra represents a friendly sandy spot ideal to sunbathe, where you can also surf one or two waves right off the main road towards the Old City Islet.   The eco-labeled certified blue flag beach is simply a precious spot favored by locals and a main attraction for visitors.

But there are even more activities you can enjoy in El Escambrón area, more specifically to the extreme eastern point of the bathing resort, the area known as Punta Escambrón.  This area is also referred to as the Escambrón Marine Park, due to its incredible marine life, and is actually a 400-year old historic national park.  For years it served as the center stage for battles fought from the fortress Escambrón Battery, to protect the city of San Juan against attacks of potential invaders of the Old World.

Today this beach is a preferred spot for athletes from all over the world to come and execute open water swim drills.  The battle is within their minds and will power to outlast long training, many times as part of brick training. Where you first train on your stationary bike or run at the adjacent track at the Sixto Escobar Coliseum. Just steps away from the reefed beach.

Also common to happen on this beach are the Cross fit’s Beach WOD’s.  The “work out of the day” is brought to the beach. Where cross fitters combine strenuous drills involving high intensity intervals of strength and rapid swim.  It turns into what some may perceive as a modern battleground.

Now, if you are not into extreme hard-core disciplines, you can always enjoy one of the very stimulating. And relaxing scuba diving activities offered at the marine park by the people of Scuba Dogs. Certified PADI instructors will teach you everything from basics on the sport. To the different kinds in marine life inside this harmonious body of water where schools of yellowtail snappers. Blue tangs, sergeant majors and even sea turtles bring you in tune with endless possibilities… underwater.

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