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Some Waffles and Tea. Waffle-era Tea Room


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On a warm, beautiful, but tiring day in Old San Juan and as the breeze gave me all the joy in the world. I was also very hungry and in need of some kind of tropical juice or tea that would get me back up.  Glancing through other places open for lunch around the area. None felt right at the time when I simply just wanted a good meal, inside a peaceful place where I was treated nicely and with no rush.  Then I crossed the sign of Waffleera Tea Room also known by locals as La Waffleera located on 252 San José Street.

I opened the menu, and then I just wanted to try everything, but decided to start with the Salmon laced Peppers. Which are hand-torched sweet peppers stuffed with goat cheese and basil with smoked salmon laced.  Then a wonderful roast beef waffle arrived to the table making the perfect combination with the sweet peppers.

After two great dishes I needed to get to the dessert waffles, and then it was when I felt my heart beat faster.  I decided on a crème brûlée waffle which is simply a “wafflito” filled with crème brûlée on top of a whipped cream “wafflito” served on a bed of chocolate and honey.

When I started cutting on the waffle and the crème brûlée started pouring from within, I felt my heart again now telling me I made the best decision for lunch that day.  Leaving satisfied, at ease and ready for the other half of my day. I realized that the price of the meal was even better as if all my stars were aligned on that same day.

Highly recommend this restaurant if you need a break and want to enjoy a great breakfast or lunch made with much care. Waffleera Tea Room was an excellent choice and I will definitely try to make it back there soon for more waffles and tea.

Waffleera Tea Room is located on 252 San José Street in Old San Juan open until 3:00 pm and their phone number is (787) 721-1512.



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