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Active San Juan

Active San Juan

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Active San Juan. Por: Julia Michelle Santiago
Active Thriathlete, Cancer Survivor, President of the Juliastrong
Colon Cancer Awareness Foundation, Proud Puertorrican

The cobblestone streets of Old San Juan have forever captured the
attention not only of visitors, but also from local athletes as well
as from athletes all over the world.

With over 20 events taking place in, from or throughout the beautiful
streets of the Old City every year, Old San Juan is not only a
destination to relax, sightseeing, shopping or fine dining, but also
is a perfect challenging playground to train and race.

Here’s why.

1.  A circuit around the main islet offers a good 6-mile loop, which
takes you through picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean, and Spanish
architecture like the El Castillo del Morro on its northwestern most
2.  Elevation on this loop climbs up to 40 meters above sea level,
making it a great course to work resistance.
3.  Facing the Atlantic Ocean, the course is not only beautiful to the
sight, but also pleasant in temperature, given the ocean breeze and
the tropical winds coming from the main island mountains.

Just a wonderful course to walk, run or even ride, since just recently
a new bike course was inaugurated and takes you all the way up the
front of the Old Fortress!

Local races taking place every year in Old San Juan, include the
Colon Cancer Awareness 5k of the Coalition of Colorectal Cancer in
May, the Lola’s Challenge which is a 3-day running event that pushes
you to escalate your limits running a 5k, a 10k and a half marathon in
subsequent days and also, the fun 5k Color held at the south part of the
Old San Juan in Bahia Urbana every December where you go on a night
run getting neon painted as you run.  In addition the supportive 5k and
10k A RUNNERS LOVE, also held in December to aid athletes injured in
accidents while training, and the Ricky Martin Foundation’s Rompe la
Cadena, a cycling event that starts and ends in the Old City and where
you ride 60 miles to support the Foundations mission of stopping all
forms of children abuse across the globe.

International endurance races that happen in Old San Juan include the Ironman’s SJ 70.3, a
half iron triathlon distance, taking place in March of 2016, and the
San Juan Half Marathon and Marathon, also taking place next March.

And if you are visiting on a cruise, check out the yearly event named:
Leave a Footprint Southern Caribbean Run Walk Cruise.

Lasting Imprints has running and walking cruises in different locations around the
world, with wonderful scenarios and challenging courses where they
partner with local running establishments, who make it all possible
with their effort. For their assistance, Lasting Imprints donates
funds to a charity of a local choice.

So there you have it; weather you are a local athlete in the works,
an international elite athlete, a philanthropist, active traveler, or
just an amateur, Old San Juan offers you a wide variety of sports
events where you can train, support, enjoy and have fun at the same
time, all in a beautiful scenario.
                                        Welcome to Active San Juan!

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